The "Hands on meets high tech" billing solution

Please Note: Our staff works with health Plans, IPA'S and Medical groups in California. We take a "hands on" approach to our Medical Billing Service, hence we limit our clientele to California only.

​​c&e medical billing service


Since 2005 C&E Medical Billing Service has been Providing California Practices with Impeccable Customer Service, and Knowledge Based Billing.


The "Hands on Meets High Tech" Billing Solution


Our Mission is to provide health care specialists with ethical, cost effective and exclusive billing services. Focused on achieving optimal reimbursements and increasing cash flow.


Our clients  are our Principal asset and our greatest source of referrals. We take a "Hands on Approach" to Billing for Your Practice.

The process of billing for services can make or break a practice. The health of your organization is heavily dependent on how well your patient accounts and reimbursements are managed.

Since 2005, C&E Medical Billing Service has offered comprehensive medical billing including medical claims processing, patient collections and more. We provide expert medical billing to California Healthcare Service Providers and Medical Practitioners.

Understanding exactly what happens when the claim is sent from your office to the time you are reimbursed for your claims
will help make your decision to outsource your medical billing a lot easier. No matter how you get your paperwork to the billing company, the claims submission process is roughly the same for all claims. This standardization in submitting claims, make the reimbursement process a lot faster for you.

Our staff is continuously updated and trained on new billing policies and guidelines as they become available. We aggressively monitor your collections to maximize cash flow.

​C&E Medical Billing Service processes all denials and zero payments to increase revenue and keep aging totals low. We take patient calls at our office so you don’t have to. Process and mail out monthly Statements. We provide detailed and accurate monthly charge, payment, and accounts receivable reports.