Should You Use C&E Medical Billing Service as Your Central Billing Office?

Besides costs, there are other factors that would spur a provider to consider
C&E Medical Billing Service

  • Your Billing Process is Inefficient.  If you’ve been watching your collections drop while the
    time to collect increases, you may have issues in your billing department. C&E Medical Billing
    Service will decrease the number of rejected claims and decrease the time it takes to receive
    payment from a payer.
  • You have High Staff Turnover. Turnover is an issue in any industry but turnover in a provider’s
    ​billing department is especially damaging. Claim processing is the economic life blood of a practice and a new addition or replacement in the billing department will inevitably lead to slowdown in the processing of claims.
  • You’re a New ProviderNew providers have plenty to learn and worry about aside from their billing. Using C&E Medical Billing Service right off the bat will give you much needed relief from the day-to-day stress of launching a new practice, without a trial by fire in hiring, training and managing employees.
  • You Have Different Priorities.  Many doctors are not strong on the business side of running a practice. They became doctors to help patients – not worry about the administrative/clerical side of the business.  C&E Medical Billing Service eliminates the hassle and frees doctors to concentrate on patients.
  • You Have Taken the Test Below.  It is very likely that your suspicions will become reality upon completion of the test below. At C&E Medical Billing Service we take pride in our Physicians Aging, & CPT Reimbursement reports (among others). We know how hard your Practice works. We know how much the Insurance Companies are holding back. C&E Medical Billing Service works diligently to get your practice ALL that it is entitled to.

​​c&e medical billing service



The "Hands on meets high tech" billing solution

At C&E Medical Billing Service
We Take Pride in Our Practice A/R Reports
Among Them, Physicians Aging &
CPT Reimbursement



We recommend you choose your most billed E&M CPT Codes, then your higher paying CPT Codes. Run a Detailed CPT Reimbursement Report. This report will show you exactly how many times a given CPT code was billed within the Report Date Criteria specified. What the payments and adjustments were for the code and, most importantly, if it was written off.

​A healthy aging report will take a back seat to a CPT Reimbursement Report that shows too many code write offs.

When the code is written off it drops off the Aging Report creating the illusion that all claims are getting paid and in a timely manner.

On your Practice Management Software, run a Primary & Secondary Insurance Aging Report.  These reports will show you how long it’s taking for your claims to be paid—30, 60, 90, 120, or more days.  The best way to gauge the productivity of your billing is by checking to see what your accounts receivable is over 120 days. A Healthy, Productive Aging Report should look like this...

CURRENT                       75%
31 - 60 DAYS         10%-12%
61-90 DAYS               6%-7%
91-120 DAYS             4%-5%
120+                    UNDER 5%

Odds are you are shocked and dismayed by the reports.
Even if the numbers "Aren't too bad", part two of "The Test" will give you an even tighter picture of your Practice...